Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is becoming an increasingly important part of video marketing strategy. It’s not a secret that video marketing offers the opportunity to reach a larger audience thanks to the medium’s tendency to be interesting and engaging. Videos are shared 1,200 percent more than links and texts, and 50 percent of internet users expressed that they felt predisposed to like companies that provided video content. Social media posts with videos are 48 percent more likely to be viewed – there are 8 billion videos watched each day on Facebook alone. The online video giant YouTube also boasts billions of daily views and 65 percent of people say they go to YouTube for video advice on making wise choices or solving issues. The problem is that there are a lot of other videos online to distract users– everything from competitor’s ads to the latest viral YouTube videos to content posted by family and friends. For example, YouTube has become a veritable marketing arena with branded videos rising 99 percent since 2017. That’s a lot of competition for viewers, but not embracing video marketing is a sure way to fall behind. As a result, ensuring that consumers see your BHPH dealership’s content is vital, and that’s where video SEO comes in.

Of course, many readers are not knowledgeable as to how video SEO works. After all, it isn’t as if search engine bots can find keywords in the video itself, like they would articles or websites. While some things about video SEO and written SEO remain the same, there are a lot of differences. That is an important point to remember when choosing someone to handle your BHPH dealership’s video SEO strategy.

Let’s start by saying it can not be overstated the importance of investing in professional SEO management. Think of it this way: if you wanted to modify a sports car and turn it into something fit for amateur racing, unless you’re an expert, you wouldn’t do it yourself. You would go to a mechanic who understands the functions and interactions of every part, as well as which changes would best turn a fairly ordinary vehicle into a speed machine. SEO is the same way. It can be complicated, it is constantly changing, and handling it well requires someone who understands how various elements work together. Like a mechanic fine-tuning fuel richness for the best result, an SEO specialist monitors web traffic and clicks on websites to determine how well the current SEO strategy is working then makes adjustments accordingly. As you can imagine, it’s a highly involved job, and video SEO only adds more layers of complexity. If you don’t feel comfortable calling yourself an SEO expert, your best choice is to rely on a professional.

Thankfully, video SEO isn’t something you have to handle by yourself. An entire vocation has been built around Search Engine Optimization, and choosing the right expert will mean that you can be sure of a strong SEO strategy without dedicating hours of your valuable time. This article will provide a basic overview of video SEO that will help you choose the best specialist or team to meet the needs of your BHPH dealership or industry vendor.

So, what exactly do you need to keep in mind while choosing the right video SEO professional? First, like previously mentioned, there are differences between the two, so it’s vital to ensure you choose a marketing firm that understands both written and video SEO. It’s important to ask directly whether the company in question handles both because there a more companies providing services for the former than the latter.

Next, you need to consider your goals as a BHPH dealer, and be specific when discussing what you aim to accomplish through video marketing. Ask yourself what results you are hoping to see in both the short-term and the long-term. Are you looking only to drive BHPH sales and conversions or are you also interested in increasing brand recognition and online presence? How much of your focus in on social media and do you have any goals concerning shares or backlinks? All of this is important to consider so that you can ask potential SEO specialists or marketing companies how they can help you achieve your objectives.

Ask a potential video SEO partner about the types of videos they would recommend to meet your dealership or company’s goals. There is so much more involved in video marketing than simple ads, and the right specialist will know that. They may talk to you about “behind the scenes” and “brand culture” videos for improving brand recognition or landing page videos to grab potential customers’ interest. They might discuss how informative videos that offer insight and advice help consumers feel you really care about them, all while outlining why they should choose your BHPH dealership or industry vendor. They will understand when to post a short engaging video or when to upload a longer “story” video on Facebook and Instagram, and will be able to advise you accordingly. If at least some of these topics don’t come up during your discussion, it may be wise to continue your quest for a SEO specialist.

While there is no need for you to put in the considerable time required to learn all of the intricacies of video SEO, a basic understanding will help you to choose a knowledgeable specialist. One of the ways in which video SEO differs from written SEO is where keywords are obtained. A good specialist will know to look beyond Google Adwords, gathering terms from other sources including YouTube itself. They may mention various useful applications like Tube Buddy and VidIQ as well, so if a potential SEO specialist talks about a site or program you’re unfamiliar with, don’t be afraid to ask for further information. This way you can ensure you’re hiring someone who is truly well versed in video SEO.

A specialist should also understand how YouTube’s algorithm differs from Google, and how to work within those boundaries. They will also know that it’s important for your videos to rank well on YouTube as well as on search engines. There are some specific questions you can ask to be certain the specialist you hire will attend to both. YouTube is interested not only in the keywords used, but also in how many people watch your videos, what percentage they watch (watch time), and how long they remain on YouTube afterward (audience retention). The site itself helps with audience retention by creating automatic playlists of similar videos, but of course the last thing you want is for your own content to lead directly to that of other BHPH dealerships. A skilled video SEO specialist can tell you how to keep viewers on YouTube without running the risk. Be sure you ask potential marketing partners about watch time and audience retention on YouTube, and how they handle that aspect. Furthermore, YouTube ranks videos by shares and interactions, so a good video SEO specialist will discuss possible ways to improve both and is also likely to mention that sharing your own videos on social media and in your BHPH dealership blog is wise. That’s another key subject to ask about. However, important though YouTube’s algorithm is, it’s vital not to forget about Google and other search engines as a source for new viewers and business. A knowledgeable video SEO specialist will understand how to balance Google keywords with YouTube terms, and how to research trending topics on Google to suggest content for your next video. Before choosing a marketing company or SEO specialist, question them about how they would go about both.

Finally, it’s vital to ensure that the specialist you choose understands the mechanics of video SEO. Where are SEO keywords placed, since search engines can’t look at actual video content? Ask your potential choices where they would use SEO terms in a video marketing campaign. If they don’t mention things like titles, metadata, summary, and video transcripts, they aren’t the right choice for video SEO. A good specialist will understand how SEO in all of the above can help your video become more popular, as well as what percentage of each should be made up of search terms for the best results. While your at it, ask them about what sort of key words they would suggest. The answer should involve search terms specific to your BHPH dealership or related business. In video SEO even more so than regular SEO, not all clicks are good clicks. It may interest you to know that viral videos are rarely helpful in marketing campaigns, unless perhaps, your main goal is improving brand recognition – even then it’s questionable. A video SEO specialist will understand that your goal should be not just views, but conversions. That means focusing on niche terms that will entice potential customers rather than simply attracting hundreds of idle browsers. So ask about search terms, and take note of what a potential marketing partner says. If they don’t talk about keywords relevant to your target audience, keep looking.

Of course, the best case scenario is to hire a marketing firm or SEO specialist that not only understands SEO, but also your industry and no matter who you choose to handle your BHPH dealership or business’s video SEO, the information above will help you make an informed decision. By understanding the basics of Video SEO and asking the right questions, you can ensure you hire a knowledgeable specialist that will meet your needs. With videos becoming an increasingly powerful marketing tool, that may well be the most important business decision you make this year.

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