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Video Advertising Trends Every BHPH Auto Dealer Should Know

Video advertising offers a lot of great benefits for companies including BHPH dealerships. Many may think of video ads as being the domain of large businesses and corporations alone, but in the modern world that is simply no longer true. With the importance of digital content and the advancement of technology, videos are not only affordable for businesses of all sizes, but are also an important part of successful marketing campaign. Current video advertising trends in both TV and online marketing are clear indicators of those facts. Here is what you need to know as a BHPH auto dealer.

Digital Video Advertising Trends

Technology has changed a lot in the world of marketing, and video marketing strategies are no exception. For one thing, video advertising is more important now than ever. Twenty years ago, carrying a small computer and video camera around in your pocket was still the stuff of Science Fiction movies, but today smartphones are commonplace. Consumers regularly shop, check social media, and conduct business on their handheld devices. Since it’s invention three decades ago, the internet has steadily become a more vital part of daily life and business. The culmination of all of this is that digital marketing is now one of the most important parts of advertising strategy. However, it’s ubiquitousness also means that there are more options for consumers to consider than ever before, and competition for attention is fierce. BHPH auto dealers wishing to attract more business must find ways to stand out.

That is one reason why understanding video advertising trends and techniques is so important. For example, billions of people worldwide use social media, including nearly three-quarters of US citizens. This makes social media an excellent avenue for marketing, but it also means there are a lot of other businesses vying for users attention. With dozens of posts filling individual social media feeds every day, a BHPH auto dealer needs something to grab potential customer’s attention. Statistically, people are more likely to look at posts containing visual content such as photos and video. In fact, CRM company Hubspot found that nearly half of all people (45%) watch Facebook and YouTube videos for at least one hour every week. When you consider that these videos are rarely more than two or three minutes long, that adds up to a lot of video content being viewed. The percentages are likely even higher in the US, and the numbers are growing. YouTube reports that online video viewing increases 100% every year. Other social media sites are seeing increases as well, and currently 82% of Twitter users watch video content. All of this means that potential customers are more likely to pay attention to your social media ads if they contain video.

Not only that, but studies have shown that people are more likely to remember what they see and hear than what read. If you want more brand recognition, video content is a great way to achieve your goal. It also helps fill a gap that online shopping has created. While internet sales are fantastic, they do reduce the feeling of personalized service. Customers who are able to watch videos featuring your dealership and sales team feel more as if they’ve had a friendly face-to-face encounter, and that makes them more comfortable. The combined result of memorability and a personal touch is that customers will be more likely to buy from you than from a competitor.

The good news is that technology has also made such content more affordable. In fact, today’s video advertising trends include things such as live videos created with web cameras and short pieces filmed on smartphones. Of course, if you really want to grab attention, a sleek, professional video is still the best. Thanks to technology, however, even this has become more cost-effective for smaller businesses, including BHPH dealerships. The time when shooting a commercial required bulky equipment and an entire team are gone. Now days, video advertising companies can film using high-end digital cameras, edit the footage on a laptop rather than a splicing machine, and even buy stock video footage online. Because there are fewer pieces of equipment and fewer people required, the costs of professional video advertising are reduced when inflation is taken into consideration. This means beautiful, quality video ads are available to a wide variety of companies, including your BHPH dealership. That’s great news, because having professional videos makes your business seem more successful and legitimate. Self-made social media pieces like live videos and behind the scenes videos are great to supplement those professional videos for a more personal feel on your social media page.

Television Video Advertising Trends

Of course, video advertising trends are not confined to digital marketing. TV ads are still a powerful force, and that doesn’t seem likely to change any time soon. Although many people believe TV marketing campaigns are beyond small budgets– a 30 second ad during last year’s super bowl costed a stunning $4.5 million– it’s been estimated that a business can enjoy the benefits of a television ad for as little as $1,000. The secret is finding the right production company and making the most out of your available budget.

This means that understanding video advertising trends alone is not enough. Of course, not all video advertising companies will be the right fit for your dealership and your needs. It’s important to choose one that is not only cost-effective, but also familiar with the BHPH industry. A great example is Dakota Video, a Sioux Falls company that has been a game changer for more than one BHPH dealership and TV advertisements for dealerships is actually one of the things Dakota video specializes in. As a result, they understand the industry better than many other similar businesses might, and have experience creating ads for BHPH dealerships. Not only that, but Dakota Video is a full-service company that handles everything from filming to production to editing in-house. That isn’t true for many other film companies, and it gives Dakota an advantage not only because they are able to ensure the highest quality during the entire process, but also because allows them to be more cost-effective. They are just the right size, with a staff large enough to handle any project while still providing personalized service. Add to that Dakota Video’s great turn-around time– they can usually deliver within 48 hours– and you have a winning combination. It should be easy to see why BHPH Marketplace recommends this particular video production company to dealerships and vendors. You can learn more about how Dakota Video can serve your dealership on their automotive web page.

Along with the right production company, you also need to understand your local market. What demographics in your area are most likely to buy used cars from buy here pay here dealers? Recent years have brought the development of a number of useful tools that can help you not only determine the answer to that question, but also reach potential customers using both psychographic and behavioral-graphic targeting. This means that you now have the opportunity to discern not only who your potential clients are, but also what is important to them and what emotion or feeling is likely to induce them to buy. (For example, you can determine whether an ad featuring a happy family or a cool, confident single person would speak most to your local demographic’s desires.)

Finally, you need to find the best station or stations to air your ad. All of your research into video advertising trends, the right production company, and local demographics won’t mean anything if you choose the wrong channel(s). Naturally, you want to ensure your ad is something that your target audience or audiences watch, but there is more to it than that – you also want to ensure you get the most for your money. Experts recommend advertising on cable channels. In areas where there are multiple local cable channels and cable providers, costs are driven by competition, and are therefore lower. Keep that in mind if you have two or more local areas containing large numbers of your target audience. However, be wary of choosing the lowest bidder based on price alone. If it’s a small local station with relatively few local viewers, advertising with them may not increase traffic and sales enough to make it worthwhile. This, however, could prove to not be the case if the majority of their entire viewership contains members of your target audience. Again, understanding what your target audience is watching is key. Finally, no matter which station you choose, expand your brand recognition and viability by also using your professionally-created TV ad online. The combination of the two will help to improve your visibility to potential customers, and help to keep your dealership in their minds.

Understand video advertising trends and using them as part of your marketing strategy is key to success in the modern world. As a BHPH auto dealer, you face a lot of competition, but video ads both online and on local television can ensure that your brand is noticed and remembered. By pairing online video content with professional quality commercials made by a great company like Dakota Video, you can capture and keep the attention of car buyers while making the most of your marketing budget. Offering consumers entertaining and engaging content is sure draw more business, especially as people continue to spend so much time watching their screens.

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