How to stay irreplaceable at work

By: Chris Collins

Truth is, no one is totally irreplaceable at work.

But there are things you can do to stay ahead of the pack. We all know the basic traits and behaviors that matter to employers, like attitude, being a team player and good communication. But there are other ways to differentiate yourself in a big way at work, and those are the things that make all the difference. Here are three hacks to make sure you stand out at work.


I’m sorry to be the one to say this, but it makes no difference how hard you work if you have no results to show. Be goal oriented but make sure those goals translate into results that help your organization reach its objectives.

That means if you’re in sales you better be ranking as one of the top sales people if you want to feel safe in your job. The head of the sales department doesn’t care if you made 100 calls if you weren’t able to sell anything. If you’re in a business development job, you better be making relationships that matter or building the client list. Look at the goals of whatever department you’re in and find ways to help accomplish them.


It’s hard for others to compete when you’re the best at what you do. I have a friend who calls himself a “constant improver.” How does that translate? It means if there are new developments evolving in his industry, he learns about them. If there is new software that his industry is hyping, he’s the first one signing up for a class. That quality of always trying to be better has kept him a valuable employee for 20 years.

We live in a world where technology is evolving every second and information is available. So depending on what business you’re in, being on top of what’s happening can be the difference between being informed, or being left out in the cold. Also, when you take the time to learn and master a skill set, you have something that you can take with you anywhere.


Every office has problems. But there are people who complain about the problems and people who try to solve them. Be on the problem solver side every time. It’s not just about being a team player, it’s about putting the good of the company first and bosses notice when you do or don’t.

Now don’t get overconfident because as I said initially, no one is irreplaceable. But if you’re thinking about these details, and you’re committed to being the best you can be, then you’re a step ahead of everyone else.

Bio: Chris Collins grew up in Tijuana, Mexico on hand-me-down clothes and donated food. When his mother had the courage and tenacity to move them to America, he began a self-made path to undeniable success.

Starting as a lot attendant washing cars in a Seattle dealership, with dreams of becoming a legendary rock star, Chris has since found his real passion in coaching businesses to new heights using a unique blend of insightful systems and powerful secret weapons.

He used these systems himself, to work his way up to becoming a detail manager, service writer, service manager, general manager, and finally to owning his own dealership, gaining over 18 years of experience in top-end automotive sales and service. He didn’t stop there, though! He branched out, becoming a well-known consultant, and writing two industry-changing books, “Million Dollar Service Advisor” and “The Indispensable Service Manager,” which, combined with his expertise in consulting and sales training, have transformed dozens of dealerships. Those successful operations have posted year-over-year profit increases of well over $3 million!

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