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Choosing the Right SEO Marketing Company for Your Dealership

It should go without saying that regardless of the type of dealership you own/manage in the automotive industry, you need a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing company in order to help your business compete.  Digital marketing and internet sales play a larger role in business than ever before.  Obviously, as a dealership owner/manager you want to attract more internet traffic and customers to your site, and you know SEO can help your company achieve higher online visibility. So, the question is: how do you choose the best SEO company for your dealership? What should you look for and what should you avoid? With so many options available, from large organizations to freelancers, finding the SEO firm that best fits your needs can become a confusing and stressful ordeal. BHPH Marketplace has some insight that can help!

It’s important to understand that not all SEO marketing companies are created equal, and not all will be the right fit for your needs. No one likes wasting money, but if you hire the wrong company, you could receive a smaller return on investment than the right choice would provide. Here are a few questions to ask yourself while looking for an SEO content for your dealership.

Does the Company Understand Your Industry?

When it comes to niche industries like BHPH auto sales, it’s best to have an SEO marketing company that knows not only their own business, but yours as well. That’s because, unlike some industries, using the correct terminology could be vital for your business. Of course, SEO writers will research terms that appear most commonly on search engines within certain parameters, but since customers and clients are likely to look for industry-specific terms, SEO writers must know how to research the specific term and its related words. This is especially important for vendors providing service for BHPH dealerships. For example, words like “customer relationship management” may have strong SEO value in general as do “customer relationship management platform,” but the most searched term for dealers looking for this type of tool is “CRM.” The right SEO company needs to be familiar enough with industry lingo to understand most relevant search terms.

That isn’t the only reason it’s important for your SEO marketing company of choice to understand industry terms. When it comes to BHPH auto sales and subprime auto financing, featuring the wrong terminology on your website can lead to headaches later. For example, the simple use of the term “credit score” on the page of a dealership that actually uses alternative scoring methods might prove confusing for potential buyers, and might even make customers who are looking for a no credit check option to think twice before visiting your lot. More importantly, customers who are looking to purchase a vehicle without a credit check may never even see your website in their search if “credit score” is a common term in your content – this because “credit score” is most likely the last term they would use. However, some writers who are unfamiliar with the BHPH industry may use that term interchangeably with others.

Are the Company’s Writers Fluent in English?

This seems as if it should be obvious, but you might be surprised. Some SEO marketing companies are based in other countries, and others outsource their projects. There are, in fact, an astonishing number of SEO companies using writers in countries such as India. While there are some benefits in doing this, such as lower costs, there are also a lot of problems ranging from time zone differences to language barriers. After all, if you’re hiring someone for their English writing skills, doesn’t it make sense to choose a native English speaker? There is a notable difference between speaking a language well and speaking it fluently. A good SEO writer understands that, at its core, the content they are creating is argumentative in nature. Their aim, after all, is to convince potential customers or clients to do business with you rather than someone else. This means that things like positive and negative word connotation will play a role along with SEO keywords and literal meanings. Someone who is not completely fluent in a language cannot master those subtler aspects.

That same language barrier can also present a problem where specific terminology is concerned. Potential customers reading your web content won’t know it was written by someone who speaks English as a second language, and in fact will generally assume that if your business is based in the US, your writer must be an English speaker. This means that they will believe your products and service are as described without giving the subject any deeper consideration. Similar to issues discussed in the section above, a non-native English speaker also may not be familiar with industry-specific terms. Of course, you could simply hire an editor to thoroughly review and revise content provided by the SEO marketing company before it is posted, but that would mean paying for the project twice, and that is not smart business. If you don’t know whether an SEO marketing company outsources projects, it’s simply best to ask up front.

Can the Company Meet Your Specific Needs?

Hiring an SEO marketing company is not a one-time expenditure or a short-term partnership. Because search engines like Google regularly monitor SEO activity on websites, it’s important for your dealership to continue its SEO strategy in order to remain high on search engines. Make no mistake, this is a long-term investment which means your SEO should be an integrated part of your digital marketing, and your writers should not only have an intimate understanding of digital marketing, but should also provide services that fit your specific digital marketing strategy. You will also want to consider whether or not your website is ready for increased SEO-driven web traffic prior to starting with SEO – slow loading pages, for example, may frustrate potential customers and make them less likely to do business with you. Because your SEO will be a long-term part of your digital strategy, think about what sort of services you need. Do you need a one-stop shop that does it all for you or a company that is more a la cart allowing you to be part of the marketing process?

Who Do We Recommend?

When considering an experienced SEO marketing company, BHPH Marketplace recommends and partners with Magnum Contact in Atlanta, GA. Magnum Contact is a US based company specializing in digital marketing for the BHPH industry. This industry driven company offers more personalized and cost-effective options when it comes to driving traffic to your website and converting traffic to potential customers and/or appointments. As a full-service marketing firm, Magnum can handle your entire digital marketing needs or simply assist you with SEO content writing and lead conversion. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to grow your dealership with increased traffic to your website and appointments to your dealership. To find out if Magnum Contact’s SEO services are the right fit for you, visit their website, or call (866) 570-4729.

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