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SEO and Why Your BHPH Dealership Should be Investing in It

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is far from dead. In fact, it is still one of the best ways your BHPH dealership can bring in more online traffic and new customers. But what exactly is SEO, how does it work, and how can you use it to your best advantage? BHPH Marketplace has the insight you need to make the right choices when it comes to SEO writing.

Many readers may already be familiar with SEO. This is the practice of researching key terms that are commonly typed into search engines in particular areas. By including these terms in online content, from web pages to blog entries, a company can improve it’s standing on various search engines. That in turn will make their website more likely to appear on the first or second page of SERPs, or Search Engine Page Results, ensuring that more customers find them. Professional SEO writers understand how to target certain areas and demographics using these search terms, utilize algorithms for search engines such as Google and Yahoo, and find high-yield terms with low competition for the best results. SEO can be a powerful tool for BHPH dealerships on its own as well as when paired with other online marketing strategies like Geo-Fencing.

Of course, SEO is still an excellent online and mobile marketing strategy, but it has changed to become even more. According to Forbes, it is, perhaps more than anything else, important for branding. First and foremost, it is vital to note, despite what some have recently said, SEO clearly still works. Many companies are, in fact, making new commitments to Search Engine Optimization and continuing to update their strategies. Organic SEO remains one of the most cost-effective ways to attract more business to your website. In fact, compared to other forms of online marketing, SEO still yields one of the best returns on investment due to the prominent place search engines have taken in buyers’ decisions. Around 80 or 90 percent of customers now research using search engines before making their choice to purchase, rendering SEO vital for maintaining a strong online presence.

Make no mistake, online presence is becoming more important than ever. Forbes asserts that customers are increasingly shopping online using mobile devices, and in fact, the number of leads from mobile devices is expected to surpass those from desktop computers later this year. With the fast-paced need for information usually seen from mobile shoppers, having your BHPH dealership’s website on the forefront of search engines is growing in importance. If your dealership is not within the first page or two of results, you are losing traffic and customers.

Of course, SEO doesn’t have to stand alone. Along with services such as Geo-Fencing, SEO can also be paired with PPC, or Pay Per Click. This, as many may know, is the practice of purchasing clicks, or online responses, from a search engine. If you’ve ever looked up something online and seen sponsored results at the top, that is what is happening. The goal is similar to that of SEO, and the two strategies can work well together. However, when it comes to Pay Per Click, BHPH dealerships should proceed with caution! While this can be another excellent tool, it does have to be used correctly to be effective. Keep in mind that clicks do not always translate to sales. If you are paying for search terms that either attract the wrong online customers or paying for terms that could be used just as effectively with organic SEO, you are losing money. Before using PPC, it is vital to partner with someone who understands how it works. PPC can be great for online sales marketing or brand building, but if a PPC campaign is not managed the right way it will fail and cost your dealership money. If your conversion rate is too low, if your campaign is not being managed by someone who understands PPC tracking, or if the right terms are not being researched and chosen, a PPC campaign can become problematic.

Selecting the correct SEO and PPC professional is very important as this may be one of the best marketing investments your BHPH dealership can ever make. Partnering with a marketing firm that staffs SEO writers who understand PPC will save you both headaches and money in the long run. Usually, the return on investment in such cases is well worth the cost up front! Of course, not all marketing companies are the same, and many specialize in different types of marketing. Choosing the right one is important. Firms specializing in digital marketing– such as Magnum Contact, the firm BHPH Marketplace partners with– will have a better understanding of SEO, PPC, and how to use both for the greatest benefit for your BHPH dealership. By partnering with a firm that really knows how to make the most of SEO and PPC campaigns, you will ensure greater success. And doing so is a smart move for any business, including BHPH dealerships. After all, even if you are not using SEO to your best advantage, your competition certainly is.

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