Lyft Partnership Boosts City Toyota Customer Satisfaction

Lyft Boosts Dealer Customer Satisfaction

Lyft and City Toyota have teamed up to bring top-notch customer service to Daly City, California car buyers. In autumn of last year, Lyft announced that they would be piloting a dealership program, and it appears that this is a success story born out of that. Customers are, to say the least, very happy with the arrangement. More flexible and convenient than more conventional transportation options offered by dealerships, this partnership promises to increase the number of smiling faces driving their new cars off City Toyota’s lot.

The move to join forces with Lyft came after City Toyota received multiple complaints from customers about the inconvenience of their shuttle system. By its very nature, a dealership shuttle service has certain downsides. Shuttles can only run so often, making their schedule less convenient for customers, can only offer service in a limited area, and come with liability concerns. (What, for example, happens if your dealership shuttle is involved in a wreck?) By partnering with Lyft, City Toyota has precluded these issues.

Customers clearly approve. Since instituting their new partnership, City Toyota’s customer satisfaction rating has soared to 95 percent. The dealership has also seen an increase in service center productivity and is seeing more customers than ever walk onto their lot. Best of all, according to a customer story on the Lyft website, City Toyota is actually saving money by covering customers’ Lyft rides rather than maintaining an expensive shuttle service.

With the stunning success of the partnership between Lyft and City Toyota, it is to be hoped that a great many more dealerships will be interested in pursuing this alternative. With its reasonable costs and flexibility, this may even prove to be an excellent opportunity for BHPH dealerships. Offering this service to customers without means of transportation may very well increase BHPH sales as well as customer satisfaction. It is certainly something to consider.

Source: Lyft  Business

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