Introducing the 2017 NIADA Legislator of the Year

Photo by Jorge Alcala

Many felt it was no surprise when Rep. Roger Williams was named the Legislator of the Year during the 2017 NIADA Conference.  The Texas native owned and operated a dealership he inherited from his father before becoming a politician, and has a long history of supporting the used vehicle industry from his position in Congress.


The Republican is intimately involved with legislation pertaining to the automotive industry.  As a member of the Congressional Auto Caucus, he has worked to protect the interests of pre-owned car dealers and small dealerships since 2012.  In the House Financial Services Committee, he has been instrumental in challenging both tax laws and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s rule against class-action waivers in arbitration agreements.


Williams professes to view helping the automotive industry as a way to help the U.S. economy.  He called the used car business one of the best to be in, and stated that following the terrorist attacks on 9/11, the auto industry was the first President Bush enlisted in an effort to boost the American economy.


Steve Jordan, the CEO of the NIADA, praised Rep. Williams as “a strong voice in Congress,” and expressed his gratitude for the congressman’s constant support and protection of the auto industry.  Williams has certainly been a friend to dealerships everywhere, and in a display of appreciation, the first ever NIADA Legislator of the Year award, along with a $4,995 contribution, was given to Williams during the Friends of the Auto Industry Congressional Member Reception at Capital view.  Small pre-owned dealerships everywhere, and the NIADA, look forward to Rep. Roger Williams’ continued support.

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