By: Joey Little

Dealerships that are winning in today’s marketplace have one thing in common. They embrace innovation with enthusiasm.

Why? Because they know that to edge out the competition and capture the attention of modern consumers, they need to consistently be a step ahead. A step ahead of those who resist change. A step ahead of those who insist on doing it the way it’s always been done. A step ahead of those who are still leaning against the building and waiting for ups to wander onto the lot. Successful dealerships have figured out that getting ahead takes drive, ambition, and a fearless willingness to innovate and give consumers what they’re looking for.

Innovation Drives Success

The automotive industry is known for standing at the forefront of innovation, and it’s imperative dealerships continue down this path. Consumers are looking for ways to gain more control over their purchases, as well as improve their overall buying experiences, and they’ll gravitate toward dealerships that are actively working to offer them great experiences. By keeping your eyes open for the latest in innovative technology and consumer-focused platforms, your dealership will be able to ensure success with modern consumers.

Based on candid shopper feedback, we know there are pain points throughout the car-buying process that merit your time and attention. In fact, although the industry has been focused on improving the shopping experience, as well as offering state-of-the-art vehicle technology, many consumers are still hesitant to enter the market and shop for new vehicles. 34% of millennials would prefer to wait in line at the DMV rather than visit a dealership, and 56% say they would prefer to clean their homes. Astoundingly, 24% would even choose a root canal over the dealership experience. All of this tells us there’s still work to be done.

The good news is a majority of emerging technology is aimed at addressing specific shopper pain points and improving the overall dealership experience. From advanced communication platforms to streamlined processes to online applications and preliminary financing paperwork, the industry is thinking outside the box to meet the needs of busy shoppers who are looking for better ways to interact with dealerships.

AutoAlert’s latest product line-up includes the revolutionary Pando communication and collaboration platform, designed specifically to meet the unique challenges dealerships face by streamlining processes and connecting entire teams. As communication improves between every dealership department, collaboration, productivity, and accuracy will increase—resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction.

The data scientists at AutoAlert have also been hard at work developing the One-to-One Intelligent Marketing platform, a comprehensive data-driven solution focused on offering dealerships a 360-degree view of their customers. Offering targeted and individualized communication at strategic customer ownership milestones, this platform gives dealers a competitive advantage in the marketplace by allowing them to reach the right customer with the right offer—at exactly the right time.

These and other innovations are taking the automotive marketplace by storm, and dealerships that leverage the insights and technology available to them are the ones making giant strides ahead of the competition. It’s not enough to wait for customers to find you; instead, it’s imperative to seek out your customers and get to know them—before they ever show up on your lot.

Today’s shoppers expect businesses to know them, understand their preferences, and be able to predict the products and services that will meet their needs. Your dealership can do this by leaning into the latest innovations and thinking outside the box for modern solutions. Customers will see you’re working on providing more streamlined and efficient shopping experiences—and you’ll win their approval every time.

Bio: Joey Little serves as Director of Digital and Social Engagement for AutoAlert.  An expert in customer experience management, he educates automotive professionals at speaking engagements across the country. With results-driven advice and proven industry knowledge, he assists dealerships in reaching their audiences and increasing business via their social platforms.

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