A question for all of our buy here pay here dealer members this morning: In 2020, what was your average default rate (% of Loans Written Off)?  BHPHmarketplace.com staff was reading a portfolio performance metric or SubPrime Analytics “benchmarks” for 2019 and the average default rate was 37.49%.  In 2018, the average default rate was 35.58%.

So you repossessed the vehicle, what did you do with the remaining charge off debt?  If you have more than $100,000 in charged off debt in the past 4 years, there may be an opportunity for you.

BHPHmarketplace.com is a dealer member organization with one objective for all buy here pay here dealers:  Increase the sales and profitability of your BHPH business.  Once you attend one of our events, you are considered a member.  Call Anthony at 866-974-9464 or email him at anthony@bhphmarketplace.com.

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