Google Analytics is perhaps one of the most important online tools for any BHPH dealership. It is essentially a measurement tool, providing in-depth information about site traffic and activity, which allows specialists to keep a finger on the pulse of digital marketing campaigns. Used in conjunction with SEO, Google Analytics can help your team create a more successful strategy. Of course, like anything else in today’s fast-moving world, it is subject to development and change. Whether you are hiring one individual to handle both SEO and Analytics, or partnering with an entire company to handle these aspects of your business, there are some new changes in Google Analytics you need to ensure your team is aware of for 2019.

Before we consider the subject and for those unaware, let’s explain exactly what Google Analytics is. The short answer is that it is, as the name suggests,  an online analytical tool. However, it’s also more as it serves as a sort of bridge to integrate other Google ad tools, including Ad Words and Data Studio. If you are looking to improve your website’s ranking on Google, and thus attract more business, Google Analytics is an excellent tool. But be warned: according to Hubspot’s professional team, this is not a simple solution. While it certainly provides a large amount of data, Google Analytics also requires a significant amount of time to set up, as well as a certain degree of knowledge and proficiency to use. Rather than spending your valuable time learning all of the details and functions required, BHPH Marketplace strongly recommends using the services of a specialist.

That brings us to our primary point – the recent developments in Google Analytics you want to ensure your marketing team is taking full advantage of for 2019. Whether you already have someone handling SEO and Google Analytics for your BHPH dealership or you are looking to hire a company for that purpose, there are some new and useful options you need to talk about. Here’s what you need to know:

The biggest news for many BHPH dealerships is the newly launched Google Small Business Portal. Let’s face it, where digital marketing is concerned, there are a lot different options available. Whether you’re experienced with SEO and analytics in your digital campaigns or just getting started, this tool can help you sort through the confusion. By simply entering your dealership or business name, then answering a handful of questions concerning your goals and market, you can receive a list of suggested actions. This is essentially a new use for Google Analytics being adopted by the internet giant itself to compile a custom plan focused on the online tools most suitable for your needs. These may include utilizing Google Analytics, along with a range of other ideas. The generated lists are prioritized so that you can easily see what Google Analytics identifies as the most important tools to help your dealership goal. By using this list as a guide, you can then find and hire the SEO and Google Analytics professionals that are best for your company.

Google has also recently moved to improve their data management system, thus improving Google Analytics overall. Data analytics is currently the big topic in Silicon Valley and Google has been racing against Amazon Web Services to create the best tool on the web. Earlier this month, Google acquired Looker, a data analytics company based in Santa Cruz, for $2.6 billion. This is significant because it greatly enhances Google’s already-formidable data analytics capabilities. More specifically for your BHPH dealership or business, it’s important because Google Analytics is not the only data analysis option out there, so this acquisition has a direct bearing on which tool you choose. Nothing is perfect and traditionally Google Analytics has had some weak points including limitations on dashboard data presentation and restrictions on “heat mapping,” or colored graphic representations of individual values according to geographic location. Incorporating Looker into Google Analytics will help change this, as Looker offers some of the best data analytics performance in the market according to Gartner, a top research company. While this will not improve all of Google Analytics weak points– online stores such as Amazon and Walmart still do not allow Google Analytics tags– it does make Google’s data analysis much stronger. This added to the fact that Google Analytics offers a free version makes it even more attractive and viable for BHPH dealerships.

By using the Google Small Business Portal and understanding the new updates to Google Analytics, you can choose the right professionals and tools for your BHPH dealership.

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