One of many necessary accouterments for any car dealership is, of course, vehicle keys, and managing those keys can be often be a major issue.  Many salespeople have had the unfortunate experience of upsetting or even losing customers because the keys to their vehicle of preference have been lost or temporarily misplaced.  Hence why most dealers choose to invest in a key management system, but choosing the right system with the right security can sometimes be an arduous task.

One major player among key bank companies is Security Key Systems, or SKS, and BHPH Marketplace recently had the opportunity to speak to Security Key’s CEO, Steve Singleton, about the future of key machine.  Of course, many companies offer key boxes which require a code to get keys, and which keep a record of who last removed a key, but Singleton suggests that a new generation of dealerships will expect more from their key bank systems.

Dealerships need more than a one-size-fits-all key management solution.  Modern car sales demands access to key machines based on each dealer’s particular needs.  Questions many ask when looking for a key management solution include: What exactly do I need my key machine to do?  Do I need the keys secured all in one place or multiple locations?  Can I get a report when a key is removed to track who has the key(s)?  What other options are available that I may need?

Security Key Systems recognizes the fact that modern dealerships often fall into the “need more” category.  Their systems offer applications that work on any office computer and their most recent software allows more than one person to manage the database synchronized to the key machine(s).  Security Key also offers a system that allows users to reserve a key in the case of a scheduled test drive for example, whereby another salesperson would not have access to that key until it’s returned and released for all-use.

In addition, while there are already some key bank systems that use GPS to locate the vehicles associated with keys, and even to locate lost keys, Security Key Systems is looking to improve upon the current technology .  Singleton said the company is looking into 3G or 4G GPS service as opposed to the slower GPS systems dominating the market today and he hinted that there is another location system under consideration which would not require monthly data charges.

Clearly Security Key Systems is focused on providing individualized solutions to current customers while building key machines for tomorrow’s dealership needs.  It will be interesting to see what developments arise as Security Key System’s next generation of key machines is developed.

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