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The Elevator Sales Pitch: Why It’s More Versatile Than You Think

Elevator sales pitch is a term that anyone who has worked a significant amount of time in the BHPH industry is probably familiar with. The concept is simple: a sales person aims to convince a potential buyer in the amount of time it might take to ride together in an elevator. By keeping a pitch below two minutes, and preferably around 30 to 40 seconds, a sales person can highlight the reasons a customer should buy from them without making the other person feel hounded. It’s a powerful sales tool, but it may be even more versatile than you think.

In the technology-driven world of modern car sales, digital marketing has become one of the most important ingredients for success, and online video advertising is fast becoming one of the best techniques for boosting traffic and sales. From Facebook posts to website content, videos grab and keep consumers’ attention better than any other online medium. The trick is to be informative, entertaining, persuasive, and brief. With that in mind, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how an elevator sales pitch can fit perfectly into an online video marketing strategy. In fact, these “personal commercials” can help individual sales people and your dealership as a whole find greater success.

This is especially true where social media is concerned. Sites like Facebook and Twitter remain some of the best venues to connect with potential customers. However, the enormous number of posts filling feeds every day mean that it’s easy to get overlooked if your post isn’t unusually interesting. Beyond that, it can be difficult to think up new video ideas without content growing stale. Encouraging members of your sales team to create elevator sales pitch videos can simultaneously provide you with video content and serve to introduce your team to potential buyers before they come in. The latter will help to make consumers feel more comfortable when visiting your BHPH dealership.

How can your team go about creating personal commercials? First, determine what sort of videos each should create. Perhaps the two best options are personal commercials introducing sales people, and elevator sales pitch videos presenting particular vehicles just as sales people would to a potential buyer. That will not only ensure you have more content, but also pique interest in used cars currently on your BHPH lot.

Next, there are a few steps that should be involved in creating a winning personal commercial or elevator sales pitch video. Both often open with an introduction, but from there the two can differentiate. In a personal commercial, a sales person’s goal should be to introduce both themselves and the dealership. Beyond that, the typical steps of a personal commercial can be easily adapted: greeting, interest, strengths, and goal. In this case, “interest” might focus on the sales person’s years in the business, while “strengths” might focus on how they differ from the stereotype, (such as being informative rather than pushy,) and ways their BHPH dealership can help the credit-challenged. The goal, of course, would be to become consumers’ choice for buying a used vehicle. However your team members choose to go about it, it’s important to remember to hit each of these steps in around 30 seconds.

Where an elevator sales pitch video is concerned, opening with a question can help increase interest by engaging customers in something like a mental dialog. This is especially true if the question is unexpected as consumers usually expect sales people to push them in a certain direction. For example, if the question seems negative at first– such as “have you ever noticed how pushy car sales people are?”– before segueing into a one-sentence explanation about what makes your sales team or BHPH dealership different, it can serve to grab interest. If you want to keep everything positive, other great opening questions include those beginning with “I’ll never forget when…” or “doesn’t it seem like…” Beyond that, as with personal commercials, the usual elevator sales pitch steps can be employed. These are: the introduction, the benefit, the differentiator, and the “ask.” In this case, sales people may want to focus on the benefits of the particular vehicle they’re showing, what makes your buying from your dealership different from (and preferable to) buying elsewhere, and end by asking viewers something like “why not come in for a test drive?” or “does this look like the vehicle for you?”

If you want more polished, professional-looking elevator sales pitch videos that will really impress your customers, there are cost-effective options you can consider. Our digital marketing partner, Magnum Contact, has an entire section dedicated to the automotive industry. Reach out to Magnum Contact to learn they can help your team create high-quality personal commercials and other videos.

By re-imagining the tried-and-true elevator sales pitch and personal commercial as ways to create online video advertising content, you can ensure customers notice your posts while also being introduced to your sales team. Using elevator sales pitch techniques to highlight particular vehicles may also help to further increase sales. Such techniques have likely been benefiting your sales team on the floor for years; now make them part of your online video marketing strategy and see just how versatile they can be!

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