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Frazer Computing DMS Application Reaches New Milestone

It’s of little surprise that the Frazer Computing Dealer Management System (DMS) application recently reached a new milestone – servicing 20,000 independent and BHPH dealerships! So of course, a milestone such as this, along with the continuing popularity of their DMS, prompted BHPH Marketplace to ask Mike Kaye of Frazer what makes this DMS so different from others in the market. Here’s what he had to say.

“The company was started by Michael Frazer in Atlanta in 1985 and moved to Northern New York in order to further grow in 2001,” Kaye stated. “Our purpose is to assist the independent used car dealer in running their business. In order to achieve this, we currently develop, sell and support full-featured dealer management software that is easy to use, completely reliable and backed by exceptional customer support.”

Frazer’s DMS application was designed with independent and BHPH dealerships in mind and their software features offer unlimited contract printing, forms customization, sales processing, messaging solutions, and various integrations. The application also offers legal and accounting suites. These are intended to help dealers with limited staff operate in the modern, technology-driven BHPH industry.

“We understand that the average independent used car dealer has no computer tech, accountant or auto industry lawyer to call at a moment’s notice,” Kaye explains. “We strive to fill those needs with our software and customer service.”

“Our software and support staff are also equipped to handle any potential situation a BHPH dealer could reasonably expect to encounter,” he continues. “Frazer features a full accounting suite and many of our users keep track of their dealership’s books solely through Frazer. We also offer unlimited printing of legally reviewed Frazer Retail Installment Contracts in many states, which are vital to BHPH dealerships.”

Of course, despite the DMS application being easy to use, Frazer Computing understands that sometimes dealerships appreciate extra assistance, especially when dealing with legal and accounting issues that may be unfamiliar or seem rather daunting. This is where the team supporting the DMS application comes in. Always attentive and informative, the customer service team not only helps dealers quickly learn and become comfortable using the system, but is also there to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.

“Whether it’s help entering a sale, managing customers, printing forms, processing repossessions, or anything else, the first instinct for many of our users is to call Frazer for assistance,” Kaye explains.

Independent and BHPH dealerships looking for a way to stretch their small staff further by easily handling legal and accounting issues. Frazer Computing’s DMS application can help dealers address such things simply. Those interested in learning more about the DMS application can contact the company or call 1-888-963-5369 for more information.

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