BHPH Marketplace Invites Dealers to the Cut to the Chase Conference November 15-17th

The Cut to the Chase Conference promises to be an automotive event like no other. Combining a Buy Here Pay Here and digital marketing automotive conference with the lifestyle experience of steeplechase horse racing and classic Southern charm, this is a chance for BHPH dealers to network and learn while also enjoying upscale entertainment. Marketing firm Magnum Contact is co-hosting the event in Charleston SC from November 15 through 17, and attendees will be able to attend the program at the Steeplechase of Charleston on Sunday in the Cut to the Chase tent.

That addition makes this event wonderfully unique. Steeplechase horse racing is a centuries old sport still enjoyed by elite society throughout the United States. Begun in 1792, the Steeplechase of Charleston is a tradition almost as old as the nation itself. In fact, it’s considered the Kentucky Derby of South Carolina, and, with the city’s history and antiquated charm, it’s hard to imagine a better place than Charleston to hold it. The event has become something of a festival, involving not only horse racing but vendors, parties, cocktails, and live music. The chance to don high fashion styles and steeplechase hats, cheer on the horses, and enjoy all the steeplechase has to offer makes the Cut to the Chase conference something very special.

“This automotive conference is an exclusive and quintessentially Southern event,”  BHPH markeplace publisher Anthony-Scott Hobbs explained. “It’s an opportunity different from anything else being offered.”

Of course, the BHPH automotive conference itself is still central to Cut to the Chase. This year the theme is “Winning one’s market and dominating the Winners’ Circle”, and many presenters will focus on a range of subjects, from motivation and training, compliance, collections, and technology and digital marketing in new ways to better drive conversions, sales, and overall success. The conference is also refreshingly different in its own right. It’s formatted to better help dealers address specific needs and problems, offering the chance for more interactive sessions than simple presentations can provide.

“Every dealer has their own issues and questions, and they will be able to leave this conference knowing that they have gained knowledge relevant to their individual situations,” Hobbs stated. “To do that, you can’t use a cookie-cutter approach.”

Like most similar conferences, sponsors will be able to attend as vendors, but unlike most they will be available the entire time, even during sessions, and their six-foot tables will be located around the edges of the main room. Instead of big, general sessions, there will be smaller groups allowing for more one-on-one interaction. Rather than hosting only presentations, the Cut to the Chase conference will also offer a general open session, small group breakouts, and a rapid fire round table. This will enable attendees to better address issues they have experienced, and find viable solutions for their individual circumstances and markets. This is a chance for franchise, independent and  BHPH dealers to learn how they can step into the winners circle, and start winning in their market.

Those interested in attending or in becoming sponsors and vendors can register online now. There are also still spaces available for those interested in being speakers at the Cut to the Chase conference. As information about the event is made public, more details will be available on the Cut to the Chase Agenda as well. To learn more, visit the Cut to the Chase web page.

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