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BHPH Dealerships Benefit from Selly Automotive CRM Platform

BHPH dealerships that don’t utilize a CRM platform should seriously consider changing that.  Many BHPH dealerships are racing to keep up with the changing times. It’s no secret that used car sales today are vastly different from what they were even a decade ago, with digital marketing and online car shopping being the new norm. Add to that the current rise in subprime auto credit default rates, and subsequent closure of some small call lots, it becomes clear that Independent and BHPH dealerships can no longer afford to avoid updating their systems and procedures. One of the best ways in which a modern BHPH and Independent dealerships can update is to invest in a good CRM platform. However, not all CRM software is created equal, and some platforms are better suited to BHPH and independent dealers’ needs than others. Among these, one we suggest all dealers look into is Selly Automotive. Selly’s impressive CRM platform is a perfect marriage between intuitiveness and functionality, offering a range of excellent features without being confusing or complex.

Perhaps one of our favorite features with the Selly Automotive CRM platform is the easy-to-use text function, which is vital concerning modern business models. Text is by far the most popular form of communication today, and it is only going to become more prevalent for many years to come and especially with rising Millennials.

“Texting is becoming an essential component for any BHPH or independent dealer’s communication strategy,” explained Selly Automotive Founder and CEO Zach Klempf. “Text messages are read 98% of the time while emails are read just 22% of the time by consumers. As more millennial consumers enter the marketplace, texting will become an even bigger driver for communication during both the sales and post-sale (i.e. collections) customer lifecycle.”

There is also another vital benefit of Selly Automotive’s text feature for Independent and BHPH dealerships: compliance.

“One of the biggest issues I see at BHPH dealers before implementing Selly is that salespeople and managers are communicating in a dangerous and non-compliant manner,” Klempf stated. “The majority of independent dealers we onboard to Selly have again been using their personal phone for texting with customers and have not been compliant with TCPA.”

Of course, one of the most obvious benefits of Selly Automotive’s text function is its opt-in and opt-out feature. If a customer has requested not to be contacted again, continuing to text can have serious repercussions. Sending a simple text to the wrong number could lead to lawsuits and cost your dealership millions, but Selly’s opt-in text feature prevents such compliance issues.

Another compliance issue Selly Automotive can preclude for BHPH dealerships is with the security of the customer’s personal information.

“Often time’s salespeople are texting customers and receiving texts from customers with sensitive information like a copy of a driver’s license or a copy of a pay stub,” said Klempf. “What happens if that salesperson is fired or leaves? If they have been using their personal phone the dealership has no way to lock them out and secure the text message exchanges with their customer base.”

Because Selly Automotive sends and receives texts via computer using the CRM software, this is no longer a concern. Customer information is safe, and no matter who leaves or stays, contact information remains in the possession of the dealership. As an added bonus, this also means that new incoming sales people can review past communications with customers as needed.

As useful as it is, Selly Automotive’s text function is not the only great feature the CRM platform offers. Independent and BHPH dealerships will also find Selly’s Lead Analytics Dashboard indispensable. In fact, it may entirely change the way you market and buy leads.

“Selly Automotive allows dealers to not only manage their internet leads with auto responders and follow up workflows based on deal stage but Selly also allows dealership managers to see what their ROI is from their marketing spend,” explained Klempf. “Many dealers invest into 3rd party lead providers but have no idea what their store’s CPS (Cost Per Sale) or CPL (Cost per Lead) is. These two metrics are critical and often times overlooked but can help determine what’s working with marketing and what’s not.”

That’s why Selly Automotive’s Lead Analytics Dashboard tracks third party leads, even offline leads, and provides metrics showing your return on investment for each lead source. As you can imagine, this feature is invaluable for both Independent and BHPH dealerships.

Selly Automotive also offers a wide range of functions to improve productivity at independent and BHPH dealerships. These include Selly Voice, which allows employees to record and play back calls, as well as email notifications, task management, and appointment notifications. However, perhaps our favorite time-saving features on the Selly Automotive CRM platform are the drivers’ license and VIN scanners.

“Driver’s license and VIN scanners allow dealers to automate data entry into their CRM,” said Klempf. “Instead of relying on a salesperson to type out everything on a license perfectly, scan the back of it with your Selly app and it’s added into the system. Same goes for the VIN scanner; scan the VIN, and we add the VIN as well as the build data (i.e. Year/Make/Model) into Selly.”

This feature not only precludes incorrect data entry, but also saves BHPH and Independent salespeople time. And, of course, time saved on manually entering data is more time that can be utilized closing sales.

With so many impressive features in an easy-to-use CRM platform, it’s no wonder Selly Automotive is our highest-recommended CRM software for independent and BHPH dealerships. As time moves forward and used car sales continues to change, this sort of technology is becoming vital for dealers. To learn more about Selly Automotive’s CRM Software, please visit www.sellyautomotive or call 888-699-8986.


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