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There are a lot of awesome classic cars out there, from vintage luxury roadsters to refurbished work trucks that look as if they belong in a Normal Rockwell painting, but there’s one you might want to avoid.  In fact, if you believe in ghostly tales, you should probably stay as far away from this particular vehicle as possible, whatever the cost.

GoldenEagle is a 1964 Dodge 330 Limited Edition that is reputedly haunted, and is said to be responsible for the deaths of at least 14 people.  Originally bought as a squad car for the Old Orchard Beach, ME police department, the Dodge 330 wasted no time earning the eerie suspicions of the entire force.   During the time GoldenEagle was a police vehicle, all three of the officers who ever drove it murder their families before committing suicide.  After the third, no one was willing to drive the car, and it was sold to an elderly man.

The vehicle became a daily driver for the family of Wendy Allen, through whom it was eventually handed down to her.  Strangely, GoldenEagle never seemed to harbor any ill will toward the family, as Wendy claims they never had any trouble with it, but the same can’t be said of everyone.

During the 1980’s and 90’s, different church groups, fully believing the vehicle to be possessed, took it upon themselves to vandalize the car in an attempt to exorcise it.  According to local stories, every person involved in the attempts died shortly thereafter—many in auto accidents, but more than one being struck by lightning.  These attempts may have been partially inspired by another tale surrounding the car, which claims that during the 80’s a child was struck by another car, and flung onto the hood of GoldenEagle where he passed away.

Perhaps most tragically of all, in 2008 a teenage boy was dared to touch the old Dodge, and apparently that slight contact was enough to involve him in GoldenEagle’s curse.  Two weeks later, it’s said, he murdered his entire family.  In 2010, another church group tried its hand at destroying the evil that seemed to permeate the Dodge 330.  They stole GoldenEagle, disassembled it, and scattered the parts among various junk yards.  Incensed by her classic car being parted out, current owned Wendy Allen issued an online plea for assistance, and most of the parts were returned to her.  Oddly, there has been no report of those involved falling victim to bizarre deaths, even though GoldenEagle has been fully reassembled.  Wendy herself claims that is because there is nothing wrong with the car, adding that if the vehicle really had some sort of murderous agenda, she would surely be dead.

So, is this strange tale merely a combination of coincidence and local legend, or is this classic Dodge truly haunted by something dark and mysterious?  Do the ghosts of the vehicle’s victims linger in it, or is it only an old car connected with absurd tales?  Either way, GoldenEagle’s history makes for a spine-chilling tale on dark October nights.


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